Where to stay in Ecuador?

One of Ecuador Tierra Viva's (ETV) objectives is to showcase Ecuadorian accommodation providers (hotels, lodges, ecolodges, etc.) that are committed to customer satisfaction and sustainable practices. All of the places listed here are special in several ways. Some are run by indigenous communities while others are found next to nature reserves and national parks, some are rustic while others are colonial. All are unique and charming.

Safe travels and remember, don't just visit Ecuador, live it!

ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS (listed in alphabetical order)

Copalinga Eco-lodge Name: Copalinga Ecolodge
Type: Family-run ecolodge
Province, City: Zamora Chinchipe, Zamora
Rate: $14 - $33.80 night
Contact Info: T.+593 9 347 7013; E. info@copalinga.com
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Rumi Wilco Eco-lodge

Name: Rumi Wilco Ecolodge
Type: Family-run ecolodge
Province, City: Loja, Vilcabamba
Rate: $7 - $12 night/person
Contact Info: T. ; E. rumiwilco@yahoo.com
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