Rumi Wilco Ecolodge

Submitted by Peter R. on Sat, 07/24/2010 - 11:59

Rumi Wilco Ecolodge is unique in several ways.  For example, this ecolodge lies within the Rumi Wilco Nature Reserve, which in turn lies within the buffer zone of the Podocarpus National Park. Also, its infrastructure is both rustic and environmentally friendly.  Moreover, 33% of the revenue that is generated in this ecolodge is reinvested in the nature reserve.

This ecolodge has six main cabins, each with its own kitchen and washroom. There is no restaurant service available; hence, you either bring food and cook your own meals or walk15 minutes to a restaurant in the nearby town of Vilcabamba.

Rumi Wilco

The Falco family, which lives in Rumi Wilco is the administrator of this ecolodge. A special aspect about this ecolodge is that the Falco's built most of it with their own hands.

An interesting option is to stay at Rumi Wilco as a volunteer. Under this modality you'll help with activities such as coffee harvesting, trail maintenance and/or reforestation and get in exchange a discount on the price of your accommodation.

While at Rumi Wilco don't forget to taste their great organic coffee and homemade marmalade. Also, try to engage Orlando Falco in a conversation since he's great to talk to and knows a lot about the natural history of the area. Orlando is a former Galapagos nature guide and he offers amazing days tours. Contact him directly (see below for contact info) for more information about his day tours.

(To read an article about this ecolodge that appeared in The Guardian, please click here.)


Accommodation type Family-run Eco-lodge
Province, city/town Loja, Vilcabamba
Life zone Semi-natural deciduous forest (Podocarpus National Park buffer zone)
Total capacity (No. people) 30 people in beds and 20 people in camping grounds
Rooms Single, double, triple, family cabins, camping grounds
Bathrooms Shared, private
Price range (person/night) $8 - $19 USD (+12% tax)
Meals Bring you own food and cook or eat at restaurants at nearby town
Certifications Government declared Protected Forest and Vegetation (2000)
Payment options Cash (nearest ATM is found in the town of Vilcabamba)
Cancellation Policy We honour reservations via e-mail. For cancellations please let us know as soon as possible
Check-in/out 6:00am-11:00pm/2:00pm
Green initiatives 33% of each accommodation dollar goes towards the maintenance of Rumi Wilco Biological Reserve; organic garbage is composted; organic farming
Contact info