Transportation in Ecuador

Ecuador Tierra Viva (ETV) can help you with all your local transportation needs (ground and air).

In terms of air travel, ETV does not sell international or national plane. Please note that Quito has a new airport which is located in Tababela. This airport is located about 40 Km from Quito. This translates to a 45 to 60 minutes drive. There are several transportation providers that can take you to Quito. For more information about the airport please visit the airport's website.

Car Rentals
If you are interested in renting a car, please check the following link

Be aware that driving in Ecuador can be very challenging. We advice you either hire a transportation provider or take the public bus system to reach your destination. Also, we strongly suggest you avoid driving by night. In case of an emergency, any rescue effort will be greatly hampered by the lack of visibility. Plan your trip so that you always travel by day.

Public Transportation (Bus)
Ecuador's coach buses vary in terms of price and comfort. You can reach most towns from any of the major cities. Soon this site will provide bus schedules to help you better plan your trips around Ecuador.

We suggest you avoid traveling by bus at night as most bus accidents seem to happen at this time. In case of an emergency, any rescue effort will be greatly hampered by the lack of visibility. Have in mind, that by traveling by day you'll get to see more of the country.

Private Transportation
Many of our customers have carried out tours solely with the help of a driver (or transportation company) and his vehicle. For this reason we have put together a list of quality ground transportation service providers to help independent travelers carry out their dream itinerary.

The drivers (and transportation companies) shown in this site have ample experience driving in Ecuador's, they know the roads and the driving conditions. All drivers listed here are licensed and carry insurance. Some drivers even speak English. ETV has worked with some of the drivers shown in this site, while our partners have worked with others. We have checked at least three references for every driver presented in this site. Note that some drivers have been reviewed by travelers as well.

We recommend that instead of using a single driver during all your stay in Ecuador, you pick drivers according to their city of residence and geographical region of expertise. This will spread out your travel dollar among more people. Our webmap application (ETV Explorer) can help you pick a local driver and create a custom-made tour route.

Note that reference rates are mostly based on an 6-hour driving day and these include fuel costs. However, drivers expect that you cover their meal expenses. For instance, if you hire a driver to take you from Quito to Cuenca, which is an 8-hour drive, he will expect that you treat him for lunch. Also, a driver will expect that you cover for his accommodation expenses in case you plan an overnight trip. Note that you can also hire a driver on a per hour or per transfer basis (i.e. Quito to Otavalo). Finally, note that rates are for reference only.

The transportation providers listed in this site are independent vehicle owners and private transportation companies. To find the best provider for your trip, you can either check the links below and contact the provider directly or contact us for assistance.


Transportation Companies

JL Turismo

Name: JL Turismo
Vehicle type (capacity): buses, vans, jeeps, etc. (various)
Languages: depends on hired driver
Geographic areas: Quito, Pichincha, all over Ecuador
Province, city: Quito, Pichincha
Rate: $90 (max. 6 hours drive) for 6 passenger van
Contact info: T. +593 224 0050; E.

MA Turismo

Name: MA Turismo
Vehicle type (capacity): buses, vans, and other vehicles
Languages: Drivers with basic English are available
Geographic areas: airport transfer (Quito), trips all over Ecuador
Province, city: Quito, Pichincha
Rate: depends on service needed
Contact info: T. +593 2 261 9017; E.


Name: Fernandtours
Vehicle type (capacity): van (max 14 people)
Languages: Spanish speaking drivers
Geographic areas: Airport transfers, city tours, trips in Southern Ecuador
Province, city: Cuenca, Azuay
Rate: Depends on service needed (Transfer Guayaquil-Cuenca: $140)
Contact info: T. +593 7 4041488 ; E.

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I traveled from Cuenca to Banos de Ambato with Fernandtours, they provided great service. We where able to stop for pictures and even to go shopping at a town close to Ambato. The driver was very nice and helpful.