The Hidden Route

Submitted by Peter R. on Fri, 11/11/2016 - 10:28

This travel route will take you to five rural parishes northeast of Quito, where you'll find nature, culture and lovely people.

Puéllaro: about 1000 people live in this parish located 2 hours away from Quito.  Puellaro's central plaza is very picturesque and visited by hummingbirds. Avocados and custard apples are among the main produce of the area. The old church,  which now is used as a cultural center, is another attraction.

Perucho:  this parish has about 800 people.  The parish's church dates back to the XVII century.  Don't forget to taste the 'sancocho peruchano', a local soup, together with a glass of tangerine juice.  This is also a great place to buy fruits such as tangerine, babaco, and avocado.  During weekends the local pool is open to the public.

Chavezpamba: this parish with a population of about 1000 is located 70 km away from Quito.  Tourists like to visit the Itagua hill, from which Quito can be seen.  The bread made in this parish is pretty tasty.

Atahualpa: the cementery of this parish is only one several places worth visiting.  At the parish's central park you'll find local guides to take you on a hiking trip to some of the many waterfall found in the area.  There is also a pool which is open to the public.

San José de Minas: this parish has a lovely church built in 1832.  Nature lovers will like this place as there are lovely waterfalls and forests.