Tourism guides

A qualified tour guide is an integral part of an organized tour. While some travellers prefer a fully licensed guide others are just looking for a local companion.

The guides shown in this site are local people with varying knowledge of the English language and different fields of expertise. Some are fully licensed guides while others are in the process of obtaining their accreditation. Those that are not licensed have substantial guiding experience. ETV has worked directly with some of the guides shown in this site, while some of our partners have worked with others. We have checked at least three references for every guide presented in this site.

We recommend that instead of using a single guide during all your stay in Ecuador, you pick guides according to their region and field of expertise. This will spread out your travel dollar among more people. Our webmap application (ETV Explorer) can help you pick your local guide and customize a tour route.

Pedro Bermejo tourism guide Pedro Bermejo
Languages: English (basic), Languages: Spanish (native)
Areas: North and central Andes Highlands
Phone: +59322436836
Pablo Andrade birding guide Pablo Andrade
Languages: English (intermediate), Languages: Spanish (native)
Areas: Southern Ecuador, Podocarpus National Park, Buenaventura Reserve
Phone: +59372582434