Ecotours in Ecuador

Ecuador Tierra Viva Travel Company (ETV) offers unique ecotours. Some are carried out by us directly whereas others are carried out by one of our strategic partners.

ETV's tours take place in the three southernmost provinces of Ecuador: El Oro, Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe. A very important aspect of our tours is that these are designed to take advantage of the great natural, cultural and ethnic diversity present in Southern Ecuador. Our strategic partners offer tours in the rest of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Below we showcase the tours we currently offer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Transverse Ecotour (8 days): This tour starts and ends in Quito, passing through the cities of Guayaquil and Loja. Visit three different geographical regions (Pacific Coastal plain, Andes Highlands, and Amazon Basin) and four different ecosystems (mangrove forest, paramo, montane rain forest and cloud forest). Spend time at the beach and stay overnight at a fishermen community. Visit the historical city of Zaruma. Visit the Saraguro and Shuar people, two indigenous nations of Southern Ecuador. This tour is ideal for travellers who want to see a lot in a relatively short time. More Info