Travel Routes in Ecuador

At Ecuador Tierra Viva (ETV) we strive to promote all the wonderful places that Ecuador has to offer the world.  Here we showcase travel routes to help tourists plan their trips to Ecuador.  Some of these routes are actively being promoted by tourism agencies.  Others have been suggested by former tourists and yet others have been created by ETV.  We hope you find them very useful.

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The Hidden Route: This travel route will take you to Puellaro, Perucho, Chavezpamba, San Jose de Minas y Atahualpa, five rural parishes located north east of Quito. Travellers will encounter nature, culture and friendly people. This is an ideal weekend getaway, to be completed over two (or three) days.
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Sunset at Costa Rica Island, Southern Ecuador

The Southern Traverse Route: Travel along a traverse route through the southern provinces of El Oro, Loja and Zamora-Chinchipe. Along this route you will encounter three different regions of Ecuador (Pacific Coast Region, Andes Highland Region and Amazonian Basin Region), four different life-zones (montane tropical rainforest on the eastern and western slopes of the Andes, cloud forest, paramo and mangrove forest) and two different indigenous nations (Saraguro and Shuar). To complete this route you'll need around 8 daysMore info